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    Frequently Asked Questions



    There are very few requirements for cars to run on the track.  If you are planning on driving an SUV or truck, please email us to obtain permission.  The requirements are:

    1. Convertibles must have either OEM/Factory roll protection or Aftermarket roll protection.  Allowed convertibles in stock form include cars with substantial roll hoops (eg. Honda S2000, BMW Z3/Z4, Porsche Boxster, 3rd and 4th Gen Mazda Miata) and pop-ups (eg. late model Carrera/911 Cabriolets and BMWs).  If you are unsure whether your convertible meets our safety requirements, please contact us before signing up.
    2. The car must be in good working order and NOT LEAKING ANY FLUIDS.
    3. Either a TOW HOOK or some TOW POINT is highly recommended on the FRONT and REAR of your car before going out on track in case your car has a mechanical problem. If you do not establish a tow point, Speed Ventures will be forced to figure out a way to tow you off track.  We will not be responsible for any damage done to cars during towing.
    4. You must have a helmet (or rent one from us).  Any Snell rated (2010 or newer) helmet (M or SA) is allowed.  If you do not have a Snell rated helmet, you can rent one from us.  Open face helmets ARE permitted.
    5. You must bring a fully filled out TECH FORM to the track, available here.  You may tech your car yourself, or have your shop do it if you are not qualified.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrive with a safe, sound vehicle.
    6. You must have NUMBERS, at least 8" high, on both sides of the car AND on the back of the car (viewable by other drivers).  We provide either Racers Tape (free) or numbers (for a fee) at the track.
    7. Battery must be securely fastened down (they are on all cars from the factory).
    8. Tires:
      1. Street tires must be in good condition, with at least 2/32 of tread remaining.  NOTE: 2/32 is probably not enough to get you through a day at the track!
      2. Race tires must be in good condition, with no cord showing.
    9. You must have 3-point seatbelts, or better, in good condition.
    10. Minors (less than 18) must have a parent present or one of our Minor Waivers signed and notarized by a legal guardian in order to drive.
    11. No passengers are allowed under 18 years old.

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